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Exquisite Furnishings For Your Dog by Animal House Inc.
Animal House Dog Furniture

Animal House™ is state-of-the-art furniture designed to compliment the décor of your home and to last a lifetime. It is available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

About Our Company
Animal House™ was created by founder and CEO of Dietz Designs, Mr. Dan Dietz. Mr. Dietz created the Animal House™ product line as the unattractive wire and plastic crates just didn't match any of his furniture. He was also tired of having to drag the plastic crate out to the garage anytime his mother-in-law came to visit. So Mr. Dietz set out to make a fine piece of furniture that not only looks great in any household but also gives your pet the feeling that he is a true member of the family. The Animal House™ product line has solved many of the troubles of owning a pet. For example, as much as we try to keep our pets smelling their finest, they inevitably develop a pet odor. So to combat this, we have inserted an ionic air filtration unit in the Animal House™ stairs that quite easily neutralizes this odor. All Animal House™ products are made by furniture manufacturers to assure the highest quality and seamless integration into your home. All Animal House™ products are protected worldwide under our 12 patents to guarantee that you are only receiving the highest quality Animal House™ products.

Large Animal House
Animal House is high-quality furniture designed to last a lifetime. It is available in natural oak, medium or dark ¥nish cherry wood and white. The wire-mesh windows and sliding front gate are brass powder-coated and a hydraulic dampening hinge prevents the lid from slamming shut. A storage area for the front grill is located on the backside of Animal House. Animal House is also designed to accommodate two dogs

Animal Stairs With Filtration System
Our Pet Stair comes in a variety of finishes to match Animal House. It can be used alone, or in conjunction with Animal House. Standard on either model is an electric ionic air purification system that was designed especially for Animal House. The whisper-quiet unit is easily accessible for service and can keep your pet's area odor-free
16" Deep
16.5" High
10.5" Wide

All animal houses come with:
1. Two memory foam cushions with faux sheepskin covers.
2. Training pans for puppies.

Suggested Dog Weight - Up to 80lbs
Houses available in Medium and Small Sizes

Animal House Ramp
Whether your pet prefers a ramp or the Pet Stair with four or five steps, either combination can be conformed for the most efficient layout in your bedroom. You and your best buddy can enjoy the freedom and convenience that Animal House with Pet Stair or the pet ramp can give you.

Note: The ramp is only for the small and medium Animal Houses.

Animal House Filtration System
Ionic air filtration unit that attaches to the windows of the animal house to neutralize pet odors. No filters to replace or clean, this product is coming soon!

Order Your Animal House Pet Furniture Today!
If you want quality pet furniture that's going to last you for years to come, then look no further than Animal House Pet Furniture! This custom made furniture and filtration system will keep your pet in the luxury it deserves.

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