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Messages From Your Animal Companion By Angelica's Animal Cards
Animal Communication Cards

Messages From Your Animal Companion is a 55 Card Deck designed to enhance communication between animals and their human companions.

About Our Company
Angelica Del Mar, Creator of the Messages From Your Animal Companion Card Deck, shares how she came up with the concept of her cards: Everybody wants to take as good care of their furry companions as possible. But, sometimes we aren’t sure of what our best friends need. For example, a few years ago, Angelica’s friend was struggling with end of life decisions for three of her long-time furry companions in about a six-month period. They would have good days and bad days and she was really struggling with the topic of when/if to help them off to Heaven. Angelica thought that there has to be a better way for us to know what our best friends want when they are nearing the end of their lifetimes. At that point, Angelica thought of a card deck. Not only would this be an easy way to know what they want, but it would also be a way for our companions to give us so much more information about all kinds of topics relating to their well being. She spent over a year determining the topics and testing them out and taking and gathering photos. Also of note, there is no stock photography used in this card deck.

Angelica’s Animal Cards
Get ready for an experience you and your animal will find not only memorable, but enjoyable as well. Messages From Your Animal Companion is a 55 Card Deck created to facilitate communication between animals and their human companions. There’s nothing else like it! This is THE ONLY card deck specifically designed for animal communication – for information from and about our pets. Angelica del Mar has created this deck of 55 beautiful cards so that our animal companions may convey important, amusing or reassuring information to us. Cards communicate information about our beloved companions in categories such as emotional state (happy, sad, confused, afraid), medical information (take me to the vet, I am injured, I have a tummy ache, my feet hurt, I am doing fine) and relationship info (we are best friends, I am having a conflict with someone, I love you, you are mine, I will follow you where ever you go).

These cards work with any animal: wild (that's right the coyote, squirrel or deer who passes through your backyard or hangs out in the city park) or domesticated (living in the home or in the barn on the farm) for whom you'd like to know this information. Don't be surprised if the reading is actually about you rather than your best buddy! Sometimes, their biggest priority is your well-being! Promise to heed your companion's suggestions and they will usually comply with a reading about themselves!

How Do I Use The Cards?
The cards are very easy to use and Angelica recommends using them no more then twice weekly. These cards are extremely user friendly if you just follow these simple steps:

State Your Intention For example, "I wish to have a meaningful reading with (name of animal companion)."
Ask A General Or Specific Question To Your Pet, "What would you like to tell me today?”
Shuffle Until Your Intuition Tells You To Stop.
Turn Over The Top Two Cards. Your Intuition Will Help You Interpret The Messages When It Isn't Obvious.

Why Is It Important For Me To Communicate With My Animal?
Animals naturally communicate telepathically all the time. Most people seem to have lost this ability, especially the ability to receive messages. Many of us even try to develop it, but struggle. The cards make it easy. Why communicate at all? It’s important to communicate to strengthen the bond and to better understand our best friends. The Messages From Your Animal Companion card deck is another tool that enables us to take the very best care possible of our animal companions. Sometimes, our animal friends have very important information to convey to us or wise advice for us and so the cards they send us are actually about us and not about them.

Do The Cards Only Work With Animals?
No. If someone doesn't have a particular animal they want to communicate with, but just loves the cute photos and thinks most of the topics are appropriate to the kind of information they are seeking about themselves, the cards will work to communicate with God, one’s deceased animals, guardian angels, power animals, one's own subconscious, etc.

What Do Angelica’s Customers Say About The Cards?
Angelica del Mar has developed a wonderful tool to facilitate communication between animals and humans. I've verified her deck with my own animal companions as well as used them with clients. I have found them to be very accurate.
Wendy Wolfe, Animal Communicator & Aromatherapist

These cards are so easy to use and so much fun! I can’t emphasize enough what a joy it is to communicate with my animals and actually be able to listen to what they would like to tell me. Both my animals and me are thrilled with the results of the cards. I have noticed huge improvements in the contentment of my animals. Thank you Angelica!
Catherine Swanson InfoHorse.com

Order Angelica’s Animal Cards Today!
Your animals communicate with you everyday, but are you listening? With Angelica’s Messages From Your Animal Companion Cards you can finally begin a dialogue with your pet to make sure they are happy and healthy. There is no other product like Angelica’s Cards on the market today, so don’t wait - start communicating today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
Email: angelicascards@yahoo.com
Website: www.angelicascards.com

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