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BioSENIOR by Biologic Vet
BioSenior Senior Dog Supplement

BioSENIOR helps maintain the intestinal lining and supports digestive health by promoting healthy immune, thyroid, pancreatic, and metabolic function.

About BiologicVET
BiologicVET is designed for your dog and cat’s health, comfort and wellness. Our products are driven by a sincere passion for animal wellness that puts quality, integrity and results before promotion. We research, manufacture and distribute all of our own products, guaranteeing superior quality and excellence. Your dog and cat have a unique biologic makeup that requires specific ratios and proportions of essential vitamins and nutrients. As a result, each BiologicVET product has been designed in precise proportions to meet their requirements. We are committed to providing nutritional supplements that are rich in quality vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and antioxidants that ensure your pet receives complete nutrition and nourishment.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Ready For A Senior Product?
Dogs reaching the age of six or seven would be considered at the beginning of those senior years. Just like us they age at different rates and some are more active and do not look like seniors on the outside. However on the inside the digestion and absorption of nutrients begin to decline around the age of five. As our pets age the cells in your dogs body loose the ability to recycle their energy source, contributing to a slower recovery from day-to-day wear-and-tear. So if your dog isn’t as energetic and active and their appetite isn’t as good as it was these are signs of aging. They may have digestive issues, poor bowel movements (constipation or diarrhea), muscle loss, a poor coat, inflamed gums, joint issues, allergies or vision loss. If they are required to be on a protein rotation diet the intestinal lining of your dog is in need of repair. All of the above would be signs of aging that could begin even much earlier than five years of age and will only contribute to advanced aging.

So What IS BioSenior?
BioSENIOR is an advanced digestive and immune system support formula for senior companion animals and those—of any age requiring digestive support. BioSENIOR helps maintain the intestinal lining and supports digestive health by promoting healthy immune, thyroid, pancreatic, and metabolic function. Designed for dogs and cats aged 6 years or older, to help support the structural integrity and mobility of joints and connective tissues; reduce the negative effects of oxidative damage; and support cardiovascular and neurological functions. Does not contain any artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders.

BioSENIOR is recommended for:
√  dogs and cats, (ages 6 and older)
√  dogs and cats showing signs of slowing down due to advancing age
√  pets on a protein rotation diet
√  animals with leaky gut syndrome
√  mature and senior animals

BioSENIOR helps to:
√  support healthy muscle and connective tissue
√  promote healthy immune, thyroid and pancreatic function
√  regulate insulin and homone levels
√  repair damaged intestinal mucosal barrier

What Sets BiologicVET’s BioSENIOR Apart From Other Senior Products On The Market Today?
BioSENIOR uses an anti-aging strategy for animals five years or older needing a metabolic lift or for convalescing animals requiring recovery support. BioSENIOR was designed to improve the ability of the cells to recycle their energy source, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). As our pets age, ATP is recycled at a slower rate in the cells and this, in part, contributes to a slower recovery from daily wear-and-tear. BioSENIOR includes ingredients that improve ATP status of the heart muscle, neural network, and skeletal muscles. Energy enhancement is immediately noticeable, and the body is better able to keep up with maintenance of tissues and important hormones.
The BioSENIOR formulation is designed to support a healthy heart, mental alertness and acuity and muscle energy. This formula additionally improves hydration and muscle tone and strength, BioSENIOR supplies specific amino acids (l-glutamine, l-cystine and l-taurine), methylsulfonylmenthane, digestive enzymes (bromelain, papain, pancrelipase-standardized to contain lipase, amylase and protease) to facilitate nutrient digestibility and the building of muscle. These nutrients support the muscle mass to prevent the destruction and premature atrophy of the tissue, including the intestinal lining. In addition, the formulation includes creatine, coenzyme Q10, antioxidants – grapeseed extract and kelp, plus chromium and biotin that support heart health, gums, cognition, and muscle strength.
The foundation of BioSENIOR is a certified organic lignan-rich prebiotic blend of defatted flax, sunflower and sesame seed fiber which supports healthy immune and metabolic function. The free-form base ensures an improved delivery of nutrients, facilitating greater use of the active ingredients, both in the BioSENIOR and in your preferred brand of raw, dry or moist pet food.
In addition to the concentrated therapeutic levels of active ingredients, the powdered BiologicVET base is rich in prebiotics and lignans.
Prebiotics feed the naturally present healthy gut flora (good bacteria) in your pet’s lower gastrointestinal tract. This encourages flora population and facilitates nutrient bioavailability; at the same time, limiting unhealthy bacteria and yeast overgrowth. Not only do prebiotics improve your pet’s digestive health, it improves their immune function.

What Are Lignas and Why Are They Important To My Dog's Health?
Lignans are naturally occurring phytoestrogens (plantbased hormones). They function as antioxidants and are converted into enterolactone and enterodiol (mammalian lignans). Their role is the control of normal hormonal balance and function, especially helpful when an animal has been spayed or neutered. BioSENIOR turns back the clock!

Is It True That The Average Shelf life Of Biologic Vet Products Is 3 Years? What Does That Mean?
We know the importance of being able to trust the products you give to your loyal companions. Our integrity and devotion  to pet wellness drives everything we do.

BiologicVET is committed to producing safe and effective products and  has voluntarily worked to meet several quality standards to bring you peace of mind.

BiologicVET products have a 3 year shelf life from the date of manufacture, meaning that the ingredients and quantities of what is printed on the label is in the bottle until the expiry date. In order to accomplish this the formula must be built to maintain these levels, so no matter if you are using it when it is first made or picking up a bottle from a retailer that has had it on their shelf for a while the potency of the product is still as effective. This is our commitment to quality.
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified— We manufacture our own products so that we have complete control over every ingredient that goes into BiologicVET products. Our Canadian manufacturing facility located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia is certified by Health Canada in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Using the same care and diligence used to make products fit for human consumption, we test every raw material for purity before allowing it in our products.
National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)— BiologicVET products carry the National Animal Supplement Council’s seal of approval. This recognition is given to companies that pass an audit process and manufacturing quality protocols. This independent organization evaluates the ingredient, label and health claims so you can make informed decisions about your pet’s health.
Low Risk Veterinary Health Products (LRVHP)— BiologicVET has met conditions established by Health Canada and has been issued unique product-specific LRVHP notification numbers. LRVHP ensures that only approved and safe ingredients are used in the products. The manufacturing practices and quality control systems used to manufacture, package, label, distribute and store this product must comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices requirements. The requirements are similar to those applicable to Natural Health Products used in humans.

What Do Dog Owners SAY About BioSENIOR?
‘BioSENIOR is a wonderful product that I use and trust for my 2 year old Pug x Beagle cross. Rosco was diagnosed with Gastro-Intestinal disorder about 6 months ago. After the vet suggested prescription drugs, I did some research and was not happy with this ‘band aid fix’. It was also recommended to put him on a big brand vet recommended diet, however, I am not satisfied with the processing of the food or the ingredients for that matter.

Because Rosco's stomach is so sensitive, it forced me to do lots of research. After coming across BiologicVET, I reached out to the local company located in Maple Ridge and was blown away by the knowledge and customer service. That same week, the VP of Sales and Marketing personally met with me himself to go over Rosco’s health concerns and got me started on the perfect BiologicVET products for him, BioSENIOR and BioFATS. Right away I noticed it starting to work wonders with his digestion/stomach sensitivity and will continue to use this product with both of my dogs fort the rest of their lives. I will definitely highly recommend this company to any of my friends and family who are animal lovers and make sure to spread the word about this fantastic, product!’
Order BioSENIOR Today!
Make sure your dog has a healthy body and mind with BioSPORT Today! We welcome your calls and would like to hear about your dogs! We look forward to your call and invite you to call us today!

Contact: Ken Cowan
11450 201A Street
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada V2X 0Y4
Phone: 888-379-3135 x 252 or 604-460-8440 or
Email: info@BiologicVet.net
Website: BiologicVet.net

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